Selling Your Home

Section 5407 of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act requires anyone selling a home in a planned community to provide the buyer with a resale disclosure package at least 10 days in advance of closing.

Residents who wish to sell their homes must request a resale certificate from the Olde Stone Way Homeowners’ Association and pay a $25 fee no later than 30 days in advance of the scheduled closing to allow time for a property inspection and preparation of the certificate.

Members of the Architectural Review Committee will conduct an inspection to identify all changes that have been made to the grounds and exterior of the home. The association’s treasurer will review the property’s files to confirm those changes have been approved by the board.

The treasurer also will review the property’s files to ensure all financial obligations have been satisfied, including annual common expense assessments and fines.

Once the inspection and treasurer’s review are completed and any problems are resolved, the treasurer will provide the seller with a resale certificate, association financial disclosure document and copies of Old Stone Way’s Declaration and Bylaws, all for presentation to the buyer.

Sellers should submit a written notice of their intent to sell along with a check for $25 payable to the Olde Stone Way Homeowners’ Association. The notice and check may be deposited in the drop box between 21 and 27 Saratoga Run or mailed to PO Box 269, Annville, PA 17003.

For questions, residents should send a message from the Contact the Board page HERE.