Township Zoning Ordinance

As of 06/17/2015, North Londonderry Township now requires building permits for all fences, walls and hedges to be sure their installation complies with §150-91 of the Zoning Ordinance.

When is a Construction Code Permit required for residential projects?

  1. Any new home construction.
  2. Any additions to existing dwellings.
  3. Any unroofed deck or patio higher than 30 inches above finished grade.
  4. Any roofed deck or patio no matter the height above finished grade.
  5. Any detached structure accessory to a single family dwelling that would total 1000 sq. ft. in area or greater. This 1000 sq. ft. would be a total sq. ft. for an addition to an existing detached structure, (i.e. a 600 sq. ft. addition to an existing 500 sq. ft. garage.
  6. Any detached structure, exceeding 200 sq. feet, accessory to a two-family, semi-detached or townhouse structure.
  7. Any change to or replacement of an existing roof, (i.e. roof rafters or roof trusses). Not including roof sheathing or shingles.
  8. Any roof that is placed over an existing deck or patio.
  9. Anytime an unfinished area is to be finished where the stairs or bearing structure is changed to the new finished area.
  10. Alteration – The adding or changing of any load bearing walls, beams, posts, girders. Alterations including basement remodeling which involve changing the existing stairs, interior beams, posts or any cutting of exterior load bearing foundation walls. Interior alterations not including any of the aforementioned changes may be performed without a Construction Code Permit.
  11. Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
  12. When in doubt, call the Lebanon County Planning Dept. at (717) 274-2801 Ext. 2325.
  13. Erection of any ground or roof mounted solar energy system