Question: How do I sell my house?
Answer: Pennsylvania Statute dictates specific actions by both Buyers and Sellers when a Planned Community such as Olde Stone Way is involved. They are not difficult to understand nor is compliance difficult.  The  Olde Stone Way Homeowners’ Association has put together this guideline to explain the process and, hopefully, remove many of the questions you may have.

In order to sell a home in Olde Stone Way (OSW), the Seller must get a Resale Certificate package. This will contain a certificate indicating full compliance with all financial obligations to OSW H.O. Assn. as well as a sign-off that the land and building meet all the standards of the Community as required by the By-Laws, Guidelines, etc.

Click here for more info on the process of selling your home.

Question: What is the process of submitting our property improvement plans to the ARC?
Answer: Here is our homeowner’s Application checklist to help you through the process of submitting your plans to the ARC. Click here to download the checklist.

Homeowner’s Steps to submitting your project

  • Homeowner should review Guidelines before planning a project.  ARC or Board members can be contacted for any issues, which need clarification. Guidelines can be accessed and downloaded at www.oldestoneway.com.
  • Homeowners are required to use the Application for Alterations and Additions form that can be found and downloaded from the OSW web site: www.oldestoneway.com
  • Homeowner completes the form and attaches detailed plan including:
    Materials to be used, alterations to drainage, elevation/grading changes, contractor’s name, adjacent property owner contact information, project sketch with lot plan specifying property lines in relation to the project, and other required information listed in the Guidelines
  • Homeowner submits completed application with required documentation to OSW Drop Box at the common area between 21 & 27 Saratoga Run. Your project will be recorded upon receipt, dated and given to ARC for site visit and review of the project application. This will create a timeframe and paper trail relative to your project

Actions of the ARC and Executive Board

  • ARC Volunteers will contact homeowner to confirm receipt of the application and to arrange a site visit.
  • OSW Representative (either Executive Board or Architectural Review Volunteer) will contact homeowner for additional information if needed or will suggest modification options.
  • OSW Executive Board Members meet once a month and will review all completed applications and project revisions at that time. Please plan accordingly. The Board has up to 60 days to review and render a decision on any project.
  • Upon approval, the Executive Board will forward approval letter to the homeowner and provide a copy to the Homeowner’s File.
  • Once the Homeowner receives the written approval, the homeowner may begin Construction/Improvements. Until approval is received in writing, construction may not begin.

Question: Am I allowed to build a shed?
Answer: No. However, you can build an addition to your home or garage. Please refer to the Home Owners’ Association Guidelines concerning free-standing structures for more info.

Question: Who provides trash services to Olde Stone Way?
Answer: Weidle Sanitation Service, Lebanon Farms Disposal & Waste Management