Bylaws, Declaration and Guidelines

Pennsylvania’s Uniformed Planned Community Act mandates that Olde Stone Way home purchasers receive a disclosure packet that includes the developer’s Public Offering Statement, Bylaws, Declaration for Olde Stone Way and the First Amendment to the Declaration.

The Public Offering Statement provides a description of the planned community.

The Bylaws describe how the Olde Stone Way Homeowners’ Association is governed.

The Declaration describes how property may be transferred, sold, conveyed, given, donated, occupied and used. The Declaration and First Amendment describe restrictions that apply to all homeowners.

The packet also includes a document called the Olde Stone Way Resident Guidelines, which provides additional details about the rules and clarifications made by Executive Boards during the years since the association’s creation.

Each of the following documents can be viewed and downloaded as Adobe Acrobat PDF files by clicking on these links: